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Product Gallery

Large Strawberry Lights

These are a direct replacement for traditional C9 incandescent bulbs but are significantly more efficient and durable! They come in 11 colours.

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We custom cut bulb strings and extension cords for your eavestroughs and gutters. You can choose from white or black.

bulb string.png

Novelty Lights and Decor

We offer a selection of novelty lights and decors such as garland and wreaths, ornaments, icicle and snowfall lights.


Super Bright Globe Lights

Using modern LED chips and a proprietary cone shaped magnifying lens, they emanate a bright, sparkling light. Manufactured with longevity and weather-resistance in mind, using high quality components so that you won't have to replace your lights every year! They come in 11 colours.

globe light.png

Holiday Landscaping Lights

We use 5mm string lights to decorate posts, bushes, and trees. These are bright, flicker-free, long lasting mini-LED lights - available in 10 solid colours.

5mm lights.png

Year-Round Landscape Lighting

We also offer year-round lighting options such as pathway lights and spotlights. They Looks beautiful placed along pathways and amongst plants to illuminate the colour of your garden at night.

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