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Christmas Lights Installation in Peterborough, ON

Work with our team to create a stunning display for your home, business or event.

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Our team will design and install your perfect festive lights setup. We use professional-grade lights that will make your holidays bright for years to come. Our roof and ladder safety-trained technicians will save you the time and trouble of working from a ladder. We can produce stunning light displays for you!

Red strawberry-shaped holiday ornament with a green top and white starburst design


Work with our team to create your perfect display plan. Depending on what you're looking for, our display plans can include lights for gutters/rooflines, trees, bushes, posts and railings. Our focus is on creating a "just right" look, creating focal points without overdoing it.

uaint green house decorated with colorful Christmas lights, featuring snow on the roof and festive wreath on the door


We install cut-to-measure, commercial-grade LED lights that shine bright and last season after season. Store-bought lights don't hold a candle to the brightness of our bulbs (pardon the pun). Our bulbs have a 2-year warranty: we will replace faulty bulbs free of charge within 2 years. We can install lights on hard-to-reach roof peaks, second story gutter lines, dormer windows, and trees as tall as 36-feet high.

Simple blue storage bin with a smooth finish and slight shadow detail


Once Spring rolls around, we will schedule an appointment to take down your lights. Our gutterline lights are mounted with sturdy, reusable clips that leave nothing behind when they're  removed. We neatly wrap up and box the lights for storage in your home. Then when the next holiday season rolls around, we'll be there to put them back up for you.

Outdoor Christmas Lights Installation

 We start by creating a digital plan of your home and property to show where the lights will be hung. After your approval, we measure and cut our commercial-grade lights to fit your roofline and landscaping. Our LED lights are super-bright and energy-efficient, using less energy than your typical store-bought incandescent Christmas lights. We install the lights in the Fall and return in the Spring to take them down for you. When we return to re-install them each year, you won’t have to buy new lights—you’ll only pay for installation and takedown after the first year. 


Some of the areas we can decorate include:

  • Gutterlines and posts

  • Fences and railings

  • Trees, bushes and hedges

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Custom Design

From clean and classic to festive and playful, we have a selection of products to suit your taste. The design you choose is entirely custom, right down to the colours of the bulbs.

  • Made-to-measure gutter and roofline holiday lights

  • Choose from our G30 Globe bulbs or our C9 Strawberry bulbs

  • 5mm LED string lights for landscaping, railings, and posts 

  • 2-year warranty on bulbs

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“The maple tree at Maple Leaf Dentistry is now aglow with beautiful Christmas lights thanks to this service.”

Dr Cameron Crawford, Maple Leaf Dentistry

Why Choose Us?

Experienced and Safety-Trained Staff

Our technicians not only design breathtaking displays, they are also trained in ladder safety and how to safely work at heights. Keep your ladder in the garage and let our experts hang your Christmas lights!


A Local Business you can Trust

​White Water Pressure Wash is a fully insured local business (Peterborough, ON and surrounding area) with over a decade of experience in the industry. ​


Festive Lights for any Season

Did you know our lights are great for year-round displays and special events? Light up those special moments or make your property stand out with our bright decorative lights. Whether it's to boost your neighborhood's holiday spirit or to spark the joyful memories of a nighttime celebration, we can help make your events special!

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The Top Reasons You Should Hire Expert Christmas Light Services

The holiday season is a time for joy, celebration, and beautiful decorations. One of the most enchanting ways to spread holiday cheer is by adorning your home with Christmas lights. While it might be tempting to handle this task yourself, there are several compelling reasons to hire expert Christmas light services. Here’s why bringing in the professionals is a wise choice:

Safety First

Hanging Christmas lights can be a risky endeavor, especially when it involves climbing ladders, walking on roofs, and dealing with electrical components. Professional Christmas light installers are trained to handle these tasks safely. They use proper safety equipment and follow best practices to ensure a risk-free installation, protecting you from potential falls, injuries, or electrical hazards.

Professional Results

Expert Christmas light services deliver stunning, professional results that are hard to achieve on your own. Professionals have the experience and creative skills to design and execute elaborate lighting displays that enhance the beauty of your home. They can create intricate patterns, synchronize lights to music, and ensure every bulb is perfectly placed for maximum impact.

Time-Saving Convenience

The holiday season is a busy time, filled with shopping, cooking, entertaining, and other festive activities. Hanging Christmas lights can be a time-consuming task that adds to your holiday stress. By hiring professionals, you save valuable time and effort. The experts handle everything from installation to takedown, allowing you to focus on enjoying the season with your loved ones.

Customized Design

Professional Christmas light services offer customized design solutions tailored to your home’s architecture and your personal preferences. They can work with you to create a unique lighting plan that reflects your style and enhances your property’s features. Whether you prefer a classic, elegant look or a vibrant, colorful display, professionals can bring your vision to life.

High-Quality Materials

Experts use high-quality, commercial-grade lights and materials that are more durable and longer-lasting than typical retail options. These professional-grade products are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring your lights stay bright and beautiful throughout the holiday season. Additionally, professional lights often come with warranties, providing peace of mind.

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

One of the biggest hassles of DIY Christmas lights is dealing with issues such as burned-out bulbs, tangled wires, or lights that suddenly stop working. Professional services include maintenance and troubleshooting, ensuring your display remains flawless throughout the holidays. If any problems arise, the experts will promptly address and fix them.

Timely Takedown and Storage

Taking down Christmas lights can be just as challenging as putting them up. Professionals handle the takedown process efficiently and safely, preventing any damage to your property. Many services also offer storage solutions, keeping your lights organized and in good condition for the next holiday season. This eliminates the hassle of storing lights in your home and ensures they’re ready to go next year.

Energy Efficiency

Professional Christmas light installers often use energy-efficient LED lights, which consume less electricity and have a longer lifespan compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. This not only reduces your energy bills but also minimizes your environmental impact. Experts can also advise on timers and smart controls to optimize energy usage.


Increase Property Value

A beautifully lit home can enhance your property’s curb appeal and even increase its value. During the holiday season, a professionally decorated home stands out in the neighborhood, attracting admiration and positive attention. If you’re hosting holiday events or planning to sell your home, a professionally lit exterior can make a significant difference.


Stress-Free Experience

Hiring expert Christmas light services provides a stress-free holiday experience. You can enjoy the magic of beautifully illuminated decorations without the headaches of tangled wires, faulty lights, or precarious ladder climbs. The professionals handle all the details, allowing you to sit back, relax, and relish the holiday spirit.

Hiring expert Christmas light services offers numerous benefits that go beyond just having a beautifully decorated home. From ensuring safety and saving time to providing professional results and customized designs, the advantages are substantial. This holiday season, consider entrusting your Christmas light installation to the professionals, so you can enjoy a dazzling display without the hassle and risk. Let the experts light up your holidays and make them truly magical.

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