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Work with our design team for your perfect Christmas light setup. Our team of installers use professional-grade lights that will give you a bright Christmas for years to come.

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Work with our team to create a delightful display plan.

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We install commercial-grade, high quality lights that shine bright and last season after season.

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After the holidays we take down your lights and box them for safe storage in your home.

Super bright, energy efficient

 We measure and cut our commercial-grade lights to fit your  roofline and landscaping. Our lights are LED, super-bright, and energy-efficient, using less energy than your typical store-bought Christmas lights. When we return each year, you won’t have to buy new lights—you’ll only pay for installation and takedown after the first year. 

  • Roof lines and posts

  • Windows

  • Fences and railings

  • Trees, bushes and hedges

  • Walkways

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Contemporary or traditional

From clean and classic to festive and playful, we have a selection of products to suit your taste. The design you choose is entirely custom, right down to the colours of the bulbs.

  • Custom-cut holiday light strings

  • Flood lights

  • Curtain lights

  • RGB lights

  • Deluxe holiday wreaths 

  • Decorative garlands

  • Decorative spheres

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