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Christmas Lights Installation in Peterborough, ON

Work with our team to create a stunning display for your home, business or event.

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Our team will design and install your perfect festive lights setup. We use professional-grade lights that will make your holidays bright for years to come. Our roof and ladder safety-trained technicians will save you the time and trouble of working from a ladder. We can produce stunning light displays for you!

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Work with our team to create your perfect display plan. Depending on what you're looking for, our display plans can include lights for gutters/rooflines, trees, bushes, posts and railings. Our focus is on creating a "just right" look, creating focal points without overdoing it.

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We install cut-to-measure, commercial-grade LED lights that shine bright and last season after season. Store-bought lights don't hold a candle to the brightness of our bulbs (pardon the pun). Our bulbs have a 2-year warranty: we will replace faulty bulbs free of charge within 2 years. We can install lights on hard-to-reach roof peaks, second story gutter lines, dormer windows, and trees as tall as 36-feet high.

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Once Spring rolls around, we will schedule an appointment to take down your lights. Our gutterline lights are mounted with sturdy, reusable clips that leave nothing behind when they're  removed. We neatly wrap up and box the lights for storage in your home. Then when the next holiday season rolls around, we'll be there to put them back up for you.

Outdoor Christmas Lights Installation

 We start by creating a digital plan of your home and property to show where the lights will be hung. After your approval, we measure and cut our commercial-grade lights to fit your roofline and landscaping. Our LED lights are super-bright and energy-efficient, using less energy than your typical store-bought incandescent Christmas lights. We install the lights in the Fall and return in the Spring to take them down for you. When we return to re-install them each year, you won’t have to buy new lights—you’ll only pay for installation and takedown after the first year. 


Some of the areas we can decorate include:

  • Gutterlines and posts

  • Fences and railings

  • Trees, bushes and hedges

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Custom Design

From clean and classic to festive and playful, we have a selection of products to suit your taste. The design you choose is entirely custom, right down to the colours of the bulbs.

  • Made-to-measure gutter and roofline holiday lights

  • Choose from our G30 Globe bulbs or our C9 Strawberry bulbs

  • 5mm LED string lights for landscaping, railings, and posts 

  • 2-year warranty on bulbs

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“The maple tree at Maple Leaf Dentistry is now aglow with beautiful Christmas lights thanks to this service.”

Dr Cameron Crawford, Maple Leaf Dentistry

Why Choose Us?

Experienced and Safety-Trained Staff

Our technicians not only design breathtaking displays, they are also trained in ladder safety and how to safely work at heights. Keep your ladder in the garage and let our experts hang your Christmas lights!


A Local Business you can Trust

​White Water Pressure Wash is a fully insured local business (Peterborough, ON and surrounding area) with over a decade of experience in the industry. ​


Festive Lights for any Season

Did you know our lights are great for year-round displays and special events? Light up those special moments or make your property stand out with our bright decorative lights. Whether it's to boost your neighborhood's holiday spirit or to spark the joyful memories of a nighttime celebration, we can help make your events special!

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