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Commercial Cleaning Services

Mobile wash services for your fleet, farm or business in Peterborough, ON and surrounding area.

Commercial Services: Image
Commercial Services: Services

Pressure Washing for Property, Equipment and Vehicles

Using biodegradable soaps, our powerful cleaning systems remove built-up dirt, salt, sand, grease, and other grime from your equipment, vehicles, and other surfaces. Built for large-scale jobs, our teams and trucks can operate for up to 8 hours without needing to refill, ensuring our work is as efficient and high-quality as possible.

White Water Pressure Wash power washing a commercial building’s exterior, demonstrating specialized cleaning services

Acid Washing

For harder to clean surfaces, like rust, stains, or worn paint, acid washing provides an environmentally friendly option. Especially for porous surfaces like concrete and brick, acid washing reduces the time required to clean while at the same time reducing the potential for surface damage.

efore and after photos of a fuel tank cleaned by White Water Pressure Wash using environmentally friendly acid washing


White Water Pressure Wash’s freshly cleaned commercial truck parked on a scenic highway, showcasing their cleaning expertise

Fleet Equipment and Vehicles

We specialize in commercial fleet washing, helping to maintain your brand image on the road.

  • Trucks and trailers

  • Heavy  equipment

  • Delivery and shuttle vehicles

Spotlessly maintained parking garage entrance cleaned by White Water Pressure Wash

Commercial Buildings and Property

We keep your commercial property's image at its best:

  • Parking garages

  • Parking lots

  • Storefronts

  • Entranceways and sidewalks

Worker efficiently organizing boxes in a clean and well-cleaned industrial warehouse

Industrial Property

A clean workplace is a safe workplace.

  • Loading docks

  • Warehouses

  • Underground parking

  • Shop floors

Line of brightly colored tractors parked on a harvested field, cleaned and maintained by White Water Pressure Wash

Farm Equipment and Barns

Contact us for any of your farm-related cleaning needs:

  • Tractors

  • Loaders

  • Combines

  • Backhoes

  • Barns

Acid Washing
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