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Window Cleaning

White Water Pressure Wash provides streak-free window cleaning services to keep your windows shiny all year long.

Window Cleaning

Satisfyingly Clean Windows

There's something about peering through a freshly cleaned window that is just so satisfying. Looking at a sunny sky or the season's fresh new snowfall through a crystal clear window can help you feel closer to the outdoors. Let our team of professionals help maintain not only your window's clarity but also their proper function with our window cleaning services.

Window Cleaner

A Local Business You Can Trust

White Water Pressure Wash is a fully insured local business (Peterborough, ON and surrounding area) with over a decade in the industry. 


For exterior windows we use purified water fed through a carbon fiber extension pole, along with a soft-bristled brush and some elbow grease to ensure your windows dry to a spot-free finish.

For interior windows, we use a biodegradable cleaning solution and professional cleaning techniques to achieve a superior clean.

Our Window Cleaning Services Include:

  • Detailing of glass, inside and out

  • Wiping the frame and exposed sills (optional)

  • Screen cleaning (optional)

  • Track cleaning (optional)

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Ask us about bundling services to save money!

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