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Home and Property Cleaning

Refresh your home and property with our exterior cleaning services in Peterborough, Ontario and surrounding area

Residential Services: Image
Residential Services: Services

Exterior and Interior Window Cleaning

Clean windows can not only make a huge difference in the appearance of your home but also help maintain window surfaces and ensure they continue to open and close easily. We offer a complete range of services to keep your windows looking their best.

House Washing

White Water Pressure Wash can safely and effectively clean your home's siding and eavestroughs. Pressure washing can be harsh on your home's exterior surfaces; that's why we use a technique called soft washing. Soft washing is a gentle way of cleaning the exterior of your home like siding, soffits, fascia, and shutters. Soft washing reduces the risk of removing paint or degrading surfaces, safely restoring your home's beauty.


Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters regularly will help prevent damage to your roof, gutters and eavestroughs by allowing the free flow of rainwater. Let the experts at White Water Pressure ensure your home's gutters are free and clear!

Christmas Lights Installation

You'll love our custom designed and cut-to-measure holiday lights. You get to choose the type of bulbs, the colour of the bulbs, colour of the wire, and more. From gutterlines to landscaping lights, our commercial-grade, high-efficiency LED lights will help make your home look festive.

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Decks, Walkways, Trailers, Boats and More

Our motto is, "if it's outside, we can wash it!" From entire houses to decks, patios, porches, boats, trailers, RVs--you name it--we can clean it. Our staff are experts in pressure washing and soft washing to help maintain not only your home's beauty but also extend the life of outdoor surfaces.

Scroll to see some of the outdoor items we can wash.

Home Deck
Image by Ralph Kelly

Deck Washing

Driveway Washing

Patio and Garden
Roof Cleaning

Patio Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Private Pool

Pool Washing

Boats, RVs and Trailer Washing

House with Pool

Bundle and Save $$

We offer savings for two or more services booked together. Alternatively, if you're looking to schedule multiple visits of the same service, such as window or gutter cleaning, you can earn savings that way, too! 

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